Memories of Hill End

Dave Lydon

I came across this website whilst searching information about my nurse training (1982-85). I was a student nurse who did 3 months or so attachment at Hill End Hospital in 1983-84. Also, I worked as an Occupational Health nurse on the site (for staff) in 1986. I recall the Adolescent Unit since, as a student, we were not allowed unsupervised or unannounced visits to the secure ward. As I recall, it was a separate building in the grounds away from the main wards. The reason we were not allowed access was apparently that strangers would upset the patients and the “structure” of their treatment. I do recall talk of the “circle” and group sessions. It may have been rumour among students but I recall something about play “fights” with pillows or between staff and patients? As I say I never saw that but heard that it happened. The impression amongst students was that it was all very secretive and a bit of a mystery concerning what went on in the Unit.


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