Childhood Years at Napsbury

I was born in the severe winter of 1947 at 30 North Cottages, Napsbury. My father, Frederick Haynes, was a Hall Porter at the hospital where he met my mother, Nora (Nonie), who was a nurse. I have happy memories of living in the tied accommodation until the age of nine, despite the fact that there was no hot water system or bathroom!

I travelled each day to school in Vanda Crescent, St Albans by steam train from Napsbury station. One evening a week, I would walk to the bus stop at the Mile House pub to go to Cub Pack meetings in the city. Returning after dark, with no street lighting and the wind in the overhanging trees, I would run the whole route from the Mile House back to my home. I can’t imagine a child of today being allowed to do that! Nobody owned a car in those days so it was safe for all of us kids to clear off for the day and play in the hospital grounds and down by the railway sidings. We used to put pennies on the railway line to try to flatten them!

I can remember some of the neighbours and some of the hospital staff if anyone wants to contact me.

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