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Albany Lodge

Albany Lodge is a modern psychiatric unit based in St Albans. Each patient has their own room, some ensuite. (I was there for a few days whilst my lithium medication was reviewed.) It replaced the in-patient care of Hill End Hospital that closed in the late 1990s. The site was previously an annexe to St Albans General Hospital, and was also the location of Mentmore Ward which I believe may now be, or was previously, the home of patient records. Albany Lodge also houses the electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) machine, which is rumoured to be under consideration for transfer to Stevenage.

A copy-cat building to Albany Lodge exists at Slippers Hill in Hemel Hempstead. It was originally intended to be a psychiatric in-patient unit also, but there were vociferous objections from local residents who loudly exclaimed: “NIMBY!”. Consequently the unit is used as a Community Mental Health Centre for Hemel Hempstead, and outpatients now have the bizarre experience of visiting their psychiatrist, who has an ensuite attached to his office! 🙂

Whilst on the subject of psychiatric care in St Albans, it is not well known that there were three psychiatric wards in St Albans City Hospital. As far as I know, they are all closed now. There was St Julian’s ward for in-patient care and two secure units – Abbey View and Deacon. These three wards were discreet, and apart from staff and patients, not many people were aware of them. I was a patient on St Julian’s ward for a few days. Patients on the secure wards were sometimes permitted to walk outside for fifteen minutes a day, when escorted by a member of staff, but many patients complained that often no member of staff was available.

It may be of interest to know that the upstairs of Mentmore Ward on the site of Albany Lodge, as mentioned above, was used as the Hill End Day hospital. I used the Day hospital as a stepping stone from being an in-patient at Hill End, to independent full-time employment. It featured many activities such as board games, art therapy, yoga, relaxation and conversation. Whilst there, I organised a trip to Tring museum. The National Health Service Day Centre in St Albans eventually replaced the Hill End Day hospital.

I am most grateful for the psychiatric care I have received from the NHS during the past 24 years. I might grumble a bit from time to time, but I know where I am well off. The past was grim, but with the developments of the 21st Century there are bright prospects for many psychiatric patients. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people, both professionals and volunteers, who encouraged me to take advantage of the treatments offered, that have enhanced my generally good health.

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  • I have just heard the head of social worker in Watford wants to move my son out of of his present care home in Elstree after being there for 12 years to a cheaper place Albany lodge in St Albans for the second time. I will now fight to stop this happening. My son was placed there many years ago and is the worst place for my son. Probably to do with money and if beds comes available. My son was extremely unhappy there and there is no stimulation for my son . Why do they keeping moving my son around the uk. He was 17 when he was placed in a mentally ill hospital he is now 38 years of age. The head of social worker has moved him to different hospitals and care homes around ten times. He is very unwell at the moment and not getting better. His quality of life is more important than the cost of moving my son to a cheaper care home. He has settled and has a routine arranged by the staff. I will fight they do not move my son yet again or I will have him living with me and I will demand specialist help costing them more money

    By Debbie Abouelkheir (03/01/2019)
  • Terrible place. Worse than jail. Little stimulation, dirty courtyard, microwaved food, abusive staff, horrible psychiatrists. I even escaped. Place needs to be shut.

    By Samantha (05/11/2018)
  • Entered here 2012 at my own choice or be sectioned. Sadly seen by [name redacted] who didn’t listen, wanted to ply me with pills I didn’t know what they would do, and it nearly killed me. As a result of that I spent 4 years locked up in various hospitals, this one and a few others. QE2 being the worst this a very close second. Absolute pit of hell.

    By Samantha Louise Gallagher (13/05/2018)
  • My daughter is currently there at the moment was tranferd from swift ward in Radlett

    By karen gould (17/07/2016)
  • I totally agree with the last comments as I was there recently. I feel this place should be shut down. I was left totally vulnerable – no feedback from staff. Totally did not help or understand my situation whatsoever…I was discharged to my flat in the pouring rain with no keys which staff were aware of. A patient threatened to hit me and another patient stepped in, not staff. Whilst there, they never got my medication right. I went crazy and started banging my head for 45 mins before a member of staff found me. I had a panic attack again 30mins – was outside, no staff member came out. Only when I said I would report them to the care and quality commission, they only slightly improved. They also left me without food for 72 hours, changed medication without my consent. I wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy….

    By Yvonne Davies (21/10/2014)
  • I was pleased to hear such positive feedback regarding Albany Lodge. I have been admitted twice to this facility and unfortunately didn’t have such a good experience. There were no group activities, counselling or any type of therapy. I was given the incorrect medication and some of the staff were incompetent and unkind. I am aware that the mental health services are suffering greatly financially, but these hospitals need to be monitored more and made a priority.

    By Ella S (23/03/2013)
  • Thank you for this insight into Albany Lodge from an ‘insiders’ viewpoint! I know a lady who may be staying there for a while and is very anxious about it, so nice to get this information which will hopefully allay her fears a little! Very helpful info. 🙂

    By H John (18/09/2011)