Francis Bacon, Camp and Windermere Schools

Art and creative writing

By Tricia Dibb

The schools workshops held at Francis Bacon, Camp and Windermere Schools resulted in some very powerful original writing and art work from the students.  Here are some examples:


It’s like I’m some sort of freak now

I’m not like the others

It feels like my life is coming to an end

I miss you

Can’t remember what you all look like

I hope you haven’t moved house while I’m in here

Just let me come back.



You have punished me too severely

I am scared in the morning, and at night I hear things

I want to go to the beach, build a sandcastle like when I was little and safe

Eat myself silly with lovely chocolate

I don’t want to be trapped.



They said I had lots of boyfriends but that’s not a crime

Why don’t you write to me?

I want to come home

Dear gran, please help me, you’re the only person I can trust

From your beloved Minnie



I haven’t seen colourful things in years

I was born by the sea, I miss the sound of the sea

Lying in sadness

Drowning in fear

A cloud over my head

I’m not mad

I shouldn’t be here

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